Winter Tree Procreate Brushes

Winter Tree Brush Procreate / Leafless Tree Stamps/ Fall Tree Procreate Brushes / Silhouette Tree Stamps / iPad App

What’s included?
> 2 files of Procreate brush stamps, ready to install
– OPY-12Winter-Tree_1.brushset – (stamp 1-6)
– OPY-12Winter-Tree_2.brushset – (stamp7-12)

Please make sure
> you are on your iPad when you download your file

How to install?
> Download the brushset through Safari, NOT the Procreate app
> Go to your downloaded files and choose the “Open In Procreate” option
> It will be automatically installed in the Brush Library section in Procreate

YOU HAVE NO Right to screenshot or save the listing image
YOU MAY NOT Resell or redistribute this brush stamps
YOU MAY NOT Alter in anyway
YOU MAY NOT Claim as your own

> Due to the nature of digital products, sales are final.


> If you have any questions or need help, please message me.

Opal Yagley

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