Watercolour Pencils Procreate Brushes – colour palette/ swatch / 30…


These Procreate digital brushes are perfect for diy projects, whether this be for continued digital crafting or for printed goods. The clip art elements can be used for greetings cards, scrapbooking, invitations, wall art, wrapping paper, print on demand and much much more!

This brush pack includes:

30 brushes. The brushes include pencils with varying textures/levels of ‘wateryness’, splatter and texturiser, 3 paper texture brushes – also 1 X colour palette.

These files are digital brushes that will only work within the Procreate App. To be able to use them you will need an Apple Pencil and the Procreate App installed on an iPad Pro. This will not work without this.
– To download and install the files you will need a platform to download the files to (eg iCloud) and a program to be able to unzip the files (for eg iZip). Once you have done this the files will then be imported to Procreate within a named folder.

procreate brushes - subscription price

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