Watercolour Brush Set of 5

This is a collection of my custom made watercolour brushes (5 total) for use in the Procreate app on the iPad Pro. The brushes produces beautiful watercolour effects in your digital paintings.

The brushes can be used for a variety of painting and drawing applications in the app Procreate. My custom watercolour brushes are my personal go-to brushes for painting digital portraits (see samples).

All brushes are custom-made by me and can be used with all styli however it will have more features on a pressure sensitive stylus like the Apple Pencil.

The sample images were created by me for your reference, using the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro in the app Procreate. You can use these brushes with any colours!

This is a digital file available for instant download.

You can use these brushes for watercolour painting effects on your digital art!

* Please note that these brushes can only be used in the app Procreate on an iPad.

* These brushes were created by me. They are copyright to Lisa Filion within the app Procreate. Please do not share or re-sell without my permission.

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