Sketching Procreate Brushes

A set of 16 handmade sketching brushes for Procreate.

There are two categories of brushes: 8 ink pen brushes, and 8 marker brushes. The ink pen brushes can be used for sketching, creating the outlines of your drawings and the marker brushes for shading your work. This set works great for quick sketches, concept art and you can also use the brushes for lettering (don’t hesitate to increase the Streamline parameter in the stroke options panel for smoother lines when creating custom lettering).

Quick tip: for a transparency effect with the brush strokes, especially the Marker brushes, change the blending mode to Multiply, or Linear Burn.

What’s included:

– 16 Procreate brushes in a single .brushset file
– 1 JPG swatches sheet for a quick preview of all the brushes

procreate brushes - subscription price

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