Screampunk Pattern Brush Pack + Color Palette

8 Pattern brushes + color palette inspired by Monster High’s Robecca. Do you love drawing Monster High but hate drawing intricate patterns by hand and are tired of trying to get the colors right every time? This is for you!! Pack includes:


“Brass Diamond”- diamond and stud vertical stripe pattern

“Get in gear ”- vertical gear stripe pattern

“Inverted pin stripe”- inverted pin stripe

“Cobbled together”- riveted brass pattern

“Screampunk”- gear filigree pattern

“Pinstripe”- skinny stripes

“Like clockwork”- clock and gear pattern

“Rivet brush”- circles in a line


Bonus brush from the Purrfect brush pack: “Stud brush”- dots in a line


The color palette used in the sample image, shown on bottom left

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