Procreate Shadow Brush Set

This is a bundle of 17 varieties of Shadow brushes. These custom brushes are ONLY for the Procreate app on the iPad Pro.

Brushes include:

• Right Shadow
• Right Shadow – Thin
• Left Shadow
• Left Shadow – Thin
• Right Gap Shadow
• Left Monoline
• Right Monoline
• Square Monoline
• Square Monoline – Thin
• Monoline Grainy
• Square Monoline Grainy
• Right Up Angle Brush
• Right Down Angle Brush
• Left Up Angle Brush
• Left Down Angle Brush
• Right Grainy Brush
• Angled Down Grainy Brush

These custom Procreate brushes include pressure sensitivity for calligraphic design, hand lettering, and illustration.

These are digital files available for instant download.
Included in the files are instructions on how to install your new brush set.

procreate brushes - subscription price

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