Procreate Portrait and Hair Brush Pack vol.2

As you know Photoshop’s .abr brushes are suitable for Procreate, but those of you who tried to import .abr to Procreate also know that these brushes work not the same way as in Photoshop. Sometimes the strokes differ so much that it absolutely isn’t clear which of the brushes you just took. People often asked me to make the brushes I have but for Procreate. And here they are! Every brush was tested lots of times and calibrated to the original shape it has in Photoshop. Some of them were completely remade from the ground. Hope you will enjoy it!

Buying this pack you’ll get:

– 15 “portrait 1” brushes (.brushset)

– 16 “portrait 2” brushes (.brushset)

– 13 “hair” brushes (.brushset)

– 1 .pdf file with step by step tutorial How to import brushes in Procreate

procreate brushes - subscription price

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