Procreate Planner Grid Stamp Brushes

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These 11 lined Procreate brushes are the ideal tool for creating digital schedules:
1. Lined paper
2. Graph paper 1
3.Graph paper 2
4.Graph paper 3
5.Graph paper 4
6. Musics note
7. Dot middle line
8. Hand writing
9. Calligraphy
10. Hexagon graph
11. Dot grid

To make your computer artworks appear more authentic and natural, add lined paper to them.
They are notebook-related components. Make a digital planner, worksheet, blank note template, and much more with the help of these brushes.

▷Stamps that can only be used with Procreate. These stamp brush sizes and shapes can be adjusted, along with the opacity, color, and set-ups.
User friendly! You can import the.brushset file into Procreate’s brushes by downloading it. Then, simply select a stamp and tap it on your screen with your finger or an Apple pencil.

What you will get is:
▷11 stamps in 1 brushset file.

▷Only the iPad app Procreate is compatible with these brushes. Other software programs won’t support them!

▷Instant Download

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