Procreate 13 Floral Swatches

Product Description:

The file contains 120 colors that have been compiled into swatches and can be loaded right into Procreate.


Delicate Rose
Cherry Blossom
Vintage Hydrangea
Sweet Jasmine
Spring Bouquet
Holly & Ivy
Wildflower Meadows
Floral Brights
Tulips of Amsterdam

Only the Procreate App will be compatible with this file.

With digital art, this ready-made palette can help with color composition and design.

You will need a platform to download the files to (like iCloud) and an application that can unzip the files in order to download and install the contents (for eg iZip). Once you’ve done this, Procreate will import the files into a designated folder (This will be a procreate file and will import automatically into procreate once you have chosen this option).

The download is quick and digital.

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