Miss Mystique – Procreate Brushset

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Miss Mystique is a new, enigmatic Procreate Stamp Set.

Utilize this 140 stamp set to create beautiful and ethereal patterns, paintings, and more! Right now, not just for Halloween, anything occult and mysterious is popular.
Without using reference pictures, make your own beautiful artwork. To stamp on your canvas, simply install the brushset in Procreate. The stamps can also be used for your bullet journals, to make adorable stickers, to spruce up your photos, for scrapbooking, or to create simple layouts for your artwork. It’s very enjoyable and simple! Simply use stamps to create amazing compositions and stamp motifs?

This kit includes 1 Procreate stamp brush set with 140 elements
(138 stamps + 2 brushes).
The brushes have a size of about 4000 × 4000 pixels.

Note that only the iPad version of Procreate supports the brushset. It is incompatible with all software, including Photoshop.

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