Easter Gnomes Brush Set 52 Procreate Stamps

More Product Details:

The 52 stamps in the Easter Gnomes Procreate Brush Set will let you add adorable gnome doodles to your digital artwork.

▪ 52 Procreate Stamps (.brushset file)
▫ Software Requirement: Procreate App (version 5 or higher)
▫ Photoshop and Illustrator are incompatible with this.
▫The 18.3 MB zip file containing all of your items will be downloaded together with your completed purchase order.

➢No physical item will be provided; this is a digital product.

Returns and Changes
◦ Digital products cannot be returned for a refund. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Please send a message if you have any problems or inquiries.

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