60 Procreate Geometric Shape Stamp Brushes

This Product includes:

60 brushes and geometric 3D shapes are available in Procreate. Procreate brush stamps, Elements stamp brushes, instant download

Including These Stamps in your digital artworks will make it much simpler to create and develop your ideas. These brushes can be used to create digital stickers, worksheets, wallpaper, logos, and many other things.

Only Procreate-compatible stamps are available. These stamp brushes can be scaled or resized, and their opacity, color, or set-ups can be altered.
✦You will get✦
-1 zip
-1 brushset file with 60 stamps
-34 Solid line
– 26 dashed line
Your Download includes 1 jpg image about all brushes

▶These brushes only function with the iPad app Procreate.
They won’t function in other software programs!

▶Instant Download

There are no refunds or exchanges available because my products are digital. Please get in touch with me if your digital file has a problem so that I can fix it.

If you run into any file-related issues, get in touch with me.
I’ll be glad to assist you♥

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