52 Blubber Procreate Brushes

 About the Product:

I once took a bunch of photos by mixing a rosehip and black tea mixture in a large cola bottle that I had placed between my flash and my camera. I utilized the images—along with a few others—to make these brushes because they turned out rather well.

52 Blubber Brushes are included in this offering, and they are available in the following file formats:
* Photoshop Brushes (.ABR, 2500px)
* Affinity Brushes (.AFBRUSHES, 2500px)
* Procreate Brushes (.BRUSHSET, 2500px)
* PNG (2500px)
* 47 Photoshop Styles(.ASL)
* 21 Affinity Styles(.AFSTYLES)
* Links to Tutorials(.PDF)

These brushes can be used to cover subjects like: drinks, water, foam, soap, shampoo, showers, the sea, undersea, surfing, and more.

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