38 Water Splash Procreate Brushes

Product Description:

These brushes were made to make it simple to add splashes of water to your artwork.
These brushes can help you anywhere that your design needs a fluid effect.
Don’t pass on the opportunity to include them in your brush collection right now.

38 Water Splash Brushes in the following formats are included when you purchase this product:

* Photoshop Brushes (.ABR, 1000-2500px)
* Brushes for Affinity Brushes (.AFBRUSHES, 1000-2500px)
* Procreate Brushes (.BRUSHSET, 1000px)
* PNG for each Brush

Additionally included in this product:
* 47 Photoshop Layer Styles(.ASL)
* 21 Affinity Layer Styles(.AFSTYLES)
* Links to Tutorials

This product can be used for:
* Adding splashes to pictures with rain
* Simulate waves clashing against objects
* In commercials related to drinks
* Cosmetic products
* Wellness and swimming pools related designs
* As a background decoration

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