30 Birds Stamp Brushes Volume 1

This brush set is intended for all artists working within the Procreate app, especially for people with an interest for botanical subjects or someone who wants to create artwork in digital form, that being said if you find other uses for these brushes and would still like to purchase them please feel free to do so.

I would recommend only adjusting the size function but feel free to use them as you like, if you make a mistake you can just add the file again (stored in your files once purchased) and the original settings will be set to default or alternatively you can duplicate the brush and then find what works better for you.

These brushes will only work with the iPad + Procreate App. (they will also work with procreate pocket)

| files |
This listing is for 30 Procreate stamps:

| license |
Freelance License: please do not resell or share this file. However, you may sell what you create with these brushes.

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