22 Scary Illustration Procreate Brushes

 Product Description:

With these 22 spooky illustrations, you can spruce up your Halloween toolkit.
With a lot of love, excitement, and a very slight underhanded attempt to send people running in terror, this box was made from hand-drawn designs.

22 spooky illustrations in the following formats are included when you purchase this product:
-Photoshop Shapes (.csh)
-Photoshop Brushes (.abr, 2400px)
-Procreate Brushes (.brushset)
-TIFF (2000px)
-PSD (Shape Layers)
-PNG (500px and 2000px)
-Affinity Brushes (.afbrushes, 2400px)
-Photoshop Shapes (.csh)

These designs are useful for:
– Halloween decorations
– Scary themes
– topics related to death
– Game design
-Banner Design

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