150 Crosshair Procreate Brushes

This Product includes:

150 crosshair design bundles are included in this.
The designs found in this product can be used in projects pertaining to gaming, science, and technology as well as to help you give specific areas of your artwork more attention.

You will receive 150 crosshair designs in the following formats if you purchase this item.
Because the PNGs and brushes are generated from SVG in a variety of sizes, you won’t lose as much of the fine line quality when scaling them.

-150 SVG
-150 EPS
-150 PNG (Sizes: 100px, 500px, 2000px)
-150 Photoshop Brushes (ABR, Sizes: 100px, 500px, 2000px)
-150 Affinity Brushes (AFBRUSHES, Sizes: 100px, 500px, 2000px)
– 150 Procreate Brushes (BRUSHSET, Sizes: 100px, 500px, 2000px)

This item can be helpful in:
-Give focus to object and products
-Logo Design
-Text Decoration
-Futuristic Designs
-Game Design
-Modern Science
-Technology designs

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