100 Blueprint Procreate Brushes

 About the Product: 

What do you do when a client approaches you and requests that you produce a technical design for them? A design that uses mathematical graphs and formulas?
Or a picture of a steampunk or science fiction scene?

You may fulfill all of your consumers’ demands with the help of this enormous brush package. It features many stamp-style brushes, such as machine parts, graphs, and mathematical calculations. You will undoubtedly find what you need among the 100 brushes available.
You have a flexible package that can be used for a wide range of tasks thanks to the assortment of mathematical formulas, graphs, machine designs and related brushes.

Purchase this item, and you’ll receive 100 Blueprint designs in the following formats:

* 100 Blueprint Brushes for Photoshop(ABR)
* 100 Blueprint Brushes for Affinity Photo and Designer(AFBRUSHES)
* 100 Blueprint Brushes for Procreate(BRUSHSET)
* 100 PNGs

Additionally included are:
* 4 Rectangular Blueprint Grid Backgrounds
* 4 Circular Blueprint Grid Backgrounds
* 47 Brush Coloring Photoshop Styles
* 21 Brush Coloring Affinity Styles

This product is useful for:
* Use for various kinds of technical, mechanical, electrical and engineering topics
* Science and futuristic designs
* Steam punk game designs
* Book covers for mathematic books
* For things that are related to graphs and complex formulas
* Adding some machine blueprints to a technical design
* As part of a science fiction or mechanical design

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